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feedback experience unlike any you've ever had.
  • light performance incorporating animated, abstract, and aerial laser beams,
  • a surrealistic interpretation of music through laser light imagery and media special effects accompanied by massive sound, pyrotechnics, video effects, video screens, theatrical actions, stage lighting and custom special effects etc.
ESTLA provides laser performances for national celebrations, holiday parties, and other special events.
We are using lasers producing the many colours of the spectrum and green light lasers as well for atmospheric beam and aerial effects, or for laser animations on a screen.
Every laser show is a live and unique event, each performance is new and different which requires experiences team. Our well-coordinated staff can help you build your competitive and successful career.
If you are looking for a world-class performance keep in mind the power of the laser technology.
For an idea of what Estla can do for your event, check out our recent laser show!